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Blue Feathers
Steamkeybox you guys should think about adding some changes/restrictions to this Twitch Giveaways. It's pretty much the same guys winning and there are too many multiple wins on the same day for many of them. Look at this user as an example: in the last 2 days already won 4 times and he has more than 10 victories since it started. The giveaway has almost 1 month and I (like many others) have not won a single time. I totally understand that this is a gamble/luck and i'm not complaining about that but when you have created a giveaway that gives more games in 2 weeks than you have participants (and looking only in the 15c giveaways) it makes no sense at all that everyone do not have the opportunity to win at least once a month. This is starting to look like the "reaction videos giveaway" problem: not many participants, same winners and not everyone won. I would suggest adding something like: in 15c we could only win 1 time per week or have a day were only users who did not win the last 7 days could participate. Something like this to give more balance in the randomness of the giveaway. Hope you guys read this and do something about it. Thanks!
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