Wheel Rules

The concept of SteamKeyBox is really simple:

  • You put 7 games of your choice in your wheel (the price of the game equals the price of wheel),
  • You add one game which price is higher than the wheel price,
  • You spin the wheel and get your key instantaneously.

As your wheel is full of games you chose, you have 100% chances of winning a game you like!

The Coins

The coin, represented ¢ or , is the currency you must use on SteamKeyBox in order to play.
You can buy coins on the shop (1 = 1€) or win some with our reward program.

The Tiers

All our games are separated into tiers. The more expensive the game, the higher the tier. For instance:

  • A games that costs 1€ will be a tier 1 game,
  • A games that costs 15€ will be a tier 15 game,
  • A games that costs 50€ will be a tier 30+ game.

There is a total of 8 tiers:

  • Tier 1,
  • Tier 5,
  • Tier 10,
  • Tier 15,
  • Tier 20,
  • Tier 25,
  • Tier 30,
  • Tier 30+.

Wheels are, also, divided into tiers. The wheel tiers are the same than the game tiers, minus the 30+ tier.

Customizing your wheel

Before picking your games, you may want to choose your wheel's tier.

The cost of a wheel is matching its tier: a tier 1 wheel costs 1 , a tier 15 wheel costs 15 , and so on.

Once you have chosen your wheel's tier, you can start picking your games.
The rule is the following: on a total of 8 games, you must have 7 low-tier games and 1 premium game.

  • A low-tier game is a game with a tier lower or equal to the wheel's tier,
  • A premium is a game with a tier that is higher than the wheel's tier.
To pick a game, click on a game slot. This will open the game selector, which shows you all the game you can pick for this slot according to your wheel's tier:

If something is wrong with the configuration of your wheel, an error message will appear on its right side.

Once you're ready to spin your wheel, click on the « play » button on the wheel core. Good luck!