Hello Steamkeybox Community!


Here we are again making everyone smile! We have added numerous games titles on our game tier list.


You can find new games on our Tiers 15¢,10¢,5¢,3¢ and 1¢.


DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round : Tier 15¢ (Global)


Company Of Heroes : Tier 10¢ (Global)


Stronghold Crusader 2 : Tier 3¢ (Global)


Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth : Tier  5¢ (Global)


Remember Me : Tier 5¢ (Global)


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare : Tier 5¢ (Global)


Xenonauts : Tier 3¢ (Global)


Batman Arkham Origins : Tier 3¢ (Global)


Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campaigns : Tier 3¢ (Global)


Crysis 2 : Tier 3¢ (Global)


Lara Croft GO : Tier 1¢ (Global)


Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising : Tier 1¢ (Global)


JYDGE : Tier 1¢ (Global)


If you have other games in mind that you want us to add, feel free to comment down below and we might consider including it on our next game tier update.


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